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rfPermute estimates the significance of importance metrics for a Random Forest model by permuting the response variable. It will produce null distributions of importance metrics for each predictor variable and p-values of observed importances. The package also includes several summary and visualization functions for randomForest and rfPermute results. See rfPermuteTutorial() in the package for a guide on running, summarizing, and diagnosing rfPermute and randomForest models.



To install the stable version from CRAN:


To install the latest version from GitHub:

# make sure you have devtools installed
if (!require('devtools')) install.packages('devtools')

# install from GitHub

Current Functions

Variable importance p-value estimation, summary, and visualization

Random Forest model summary

Random Forest model visualization and diagnostics

Miscellaneous functions


version 2.5.2 (devel)

version 2.5.1 (CRAN)

version 2.5

NOTE: v2.5 is a large redevelopment of the package. The structure of rfPermute model objects has changed make them incompatible with previous versions. Also, the name and functionality of several functions has changed to make them more consistent with one another. A tutorial (under construction) is available within the package as rfPermuteTutorial().

version 2.2 (on CRAN)

version 2.1.81

version 2.1.7

version 2.1.6

version 2.1.5

version 2.1.1

version 2.0.1

version 2.0

version 1.9.3

version 1.9.2

version 1.9.1