pctax provides a comprehensive suite of tools for analyzing omics data.

The HTML documentation of the latest version is available at Github page.

Please go to https://bookdown.org/Asa12138/pctax_book/ for the full vignette.


The stable version is available on CRAN:


Or you can install the development version of pctax from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")

🚀 NEWS 🚀

Recently I added a function to plot element cycling because element cycling genes are important in the microbiome (especially the environmental microbiome). Supports simple cycle diagram drawing of C, N, P, S, Fe (manual arrangement, there must be some missing parts, will be continuously added in the future):

plot_element_cycle(cycle = "Nitrogen cycle")
#> recommend ggsave(width = 12,height = 10)
Nitrogen cycle

Nitrogen cycle


For the full vignette, please visit pctax: Analyzing Omics Data with R.

Some Functionalities of pctax:


Please cite:

Chen Peng, Chao Jiang (2023). pctax: Professional Comprehensive Microbiome Data Analysis Pipeline. R package, https://github.com/Asa12138/pctax.