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The officer package provides extensive methods for accessing, creating, and modifying both Word and PowerPoint documents. These methods require obtaining document specific placeholder and style information. In order to switch between document templates, it is necessary to change these references within the reporting code. The purpose of onbrand is to provide an abstraction layer where template details are mapped to human-readable names.

These human-readable names combined with the mapping information - in a template-specific yaml file - provides a systematic method to script support for different Word of PowerPoint templates. Which means, the same workflow will support multiple outputs. Which makes your life easier and, thus, makes the world a little better place.


You can install the released version of onbrand from CRAN with:


And the development version from GitHub with:

# Installing devtools if it's not already installed
if(system.file(package="devtools") == ""){
devtools::install_github("john-harrold/onbrand", dependencies=TRUE)

Getting Started

Browse through the documentation and check out the vignettes:

  1. Custom Templates
  2. Templated Workflows

These vignettes contain everything you need to walk through the basics.