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objectremover is an RStudio addin to assist with clearing objects from the Global environment. Features include removing objects by

The addin allows the user to quickly tidy up the R workspace which is useful, e.g. when you have stored lots of large, temporary objects in memory which can often happen during the course of exploratory data analysis. objectremover displays exactly which objects will be removed according to the options the user has specified in real time. This feature helps to ensure that you do not remove certain objects by mistake.


Install objectremover from CRAN with


Alternatively, you can install the development version of objectremover with

remotes::install_github("alan-y/objectremover", ref = "main")


After installing the package, the add-in will be available in RStudio from the Addins dropdown menu. Select “Remove Objects” (under the heading OBJECTREMOVER) from the menu to run.

If, for example, you have created some temporary objects named using the prefix ‘z’, objectremover can be used to quickly remove all objects starting with ‘z’ from the Global environment.

objectremover demo