mixtur is an R package for designing, analysing, and modelling continuous report visual short-term memory studies. The package allows users to implement the 2-component (Zhang & Luck, 2008) and 3-component (Bays, Catalao, & Husain, 2009) mixture models of continuous-report visual short-term memory data. The package can also fit & simulate the slots and slots-plus averaging models of Zhang & Luck.

The package allows users to:


You can install the released version of mixtur (v1.2.0) from CRAN with:


The development version can be installed from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")


We have an academic publication showing users how to use the package. Here we provide the link to the final publication, as well as a link to the pre-print of the paper:

The paper also includes several simulation studies exploring some properties of the models (including parameter recovery simulations, model recovery simulations) and provides concrete recommendations to researchers wishing to use mixture modelling in their own research.

Acknowledgements & References