Tools for multiple imputation in multilevel modeling

This R package provides tools for multiple imputation of missing data in multilevel modeling. It includes a user-friendly interface to the packages pan and jomo, and several functions for visualization, data management, and the analysis of multiply imputed data sets.

The purpose of mitml is to provide users with a set of effective and user-friendly tools for multiple imputation of multilevel data without requiring advanced knowledge of its statistical underpinnings. Examples and additional information can be found in the official documentation of the package and in the Wiki pages on GitHub.

If you use mitml and have suggestions for improvement, please email me (see here) or file an issue at the GitHub repository.

CRAN version

The official version of mitml is hosted on CRAN and may be found here. The CRAN version can be installed from within R using:


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GitHub version

The version hosted here is the development version of mitml, allowing better tracking of issues and possibly containing features and changes in advance. The GitHub version can be installed using devtools as:

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