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Some common start up issues are shown below, if you want anything added please make a request on GitHub issues.

I can’t use apt-get/sudo/etc. when I SSH into an instance

If you are using one of the templates (e.g. RStudio) then they are launched within Docker. A guide on how it uses them are in this article.

The base VM that launches the Docker container is a custom Google stripped down version that only runs Docker and not other common linux commands such as apt-get, since their intention is you use those commands within the Docker containers running.

This means if you want to install dependencies, you should either:

  1. (preferred) Use your own custom Dockerfile to install the dependencies.
  2. Run your commands from within the Docker container. In RStudio, this is easiest via RStudio’s terminal window available in the menu
  3. Alternatively, when you SSH into the VM running docker, issue docker exec -it {container name} bash to drop into bash running within the container. For RStudio, this would be docker exec -it rstudio bash

I can’t use SSH commands

The docker_* commands do not work

My custom Docker image isn’t used

A guide on using build triggers is here, that may help. Common issues include:

I try to create an RStudio instance but I can’t connect to the I.P.

My project ID isn’t recognised

My changes aren’t saved when I relaunch my RStudio instance