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As easy as possible R scripts in the cloud, via Cloud Run, Cloud Build and Cloud Scheduler. Continuous Development and Integration tools on Google Cloud Platform.

Not an official Google product.


Select an R file, and have it scheduled in the cloud with a couple of clicks.

Deploy your plumber API code automatically on Cloud Run to scale from 0 (no cost) to millions (auto-scaling)

Integrate R inputs and outputs with other languages in a serverless cloud environment.

Have R code react to events such as GitHub pushes, pub/sub messages and Cloud Storage file events.


Get the CRAN stable version via


Or the development version via:


The dev version of the website is here which may include documentation of features not yet on CRAN.


Browse the googleCloudRunner website for topics on how to use:


Some overviews of the function dependencies are below:

Scheduling using Cloud Scheduler

Building using Cloud Build

Helper deployment functions calling lower-level functions

Cloud Run functionality

library(targets) integration functions


Read the blog introducing the googleCloudRunner package that goes into some background.

A talk at R’s 20th anniversary was performed at celebRation in Copenhagen on 29th Feb, 2020. The slides from the talk are here and a video of it is here:

A googleCloudRunner YouTube playlist of the demos is here.

If you blog anything interesting about the package let me know and I will list it here.