Fetching Player Details

A special case of the fetch_ family of functions is the fetch_player_details_ set of functions. You can read the general explanation of how to use the main fetch functions on the Vignette. The player details functions accepts slightly different arguments.

Basic Usage

You can use fetch_player_details to return a list of player details for a given club and source. The source will determine exactly what details are returned. The default is the AFL.com.au website.


The AFL website will return AFLW or AFLM data, while other sources only include AFLM data.

details_aflw <- fetch_player_details(team = "Western Bulldogs", current = TRUE, comp = "AFLW", source = "AFL")


The list of details returned for AFL.com.au website is below.


The AFLTables.com source will return all players who have played for the specified team over time.

fetch_player_details("Hawthorn", source = "afltables")

The Footywire.com source allows you to specify just the current list of players, which is fairly quick, or all players over time which can be a little slow.

fetch_player_details("Richmond", source = "footywire", current = TRUE)

One challenge is that each source accepts different values for the team argument. There is a helper function that will return an error if the wrong team is supplied and provide a list of acceptable values for that specific source.

fetch_player_details("Greater Western Sydney", source = "afltables")