Main Fetch functions

The goal of fitzRoy has been to provide a consistent and easy to use interface for accessing data from various sources. As of version of fitzRoy, the package now contains a much more consistent API to do so. This is with the introduction of the main fetch_* functions.

Each function uses the same arguments and each argument should behave the same across all of the functions. While there may be some slight differences in behaviour between different sources of data, the goal will be to move towards a much more consistent pattern of behaviour.

Main functions

There are a number of main functions


Each function generally accepts 4 arguments. These are consistent between functions and provide sane and common defaults. The common arguments are:


Basic Usage

All of the functions behave the same. The following are some examples using the fetch_fixture function but can equally be applied to any of the family of fetch_ functions.


This is the same as

fetch_fixture(season = 2021, comp = "AFLM", source = "AFL") 

We can return just one round instead of the whole fixture.

fetch_fixture(season = 2021, round_number = 2) %>%

We could also return the AFLW fixture instead.

fetch_fixture(season = 2021, comp = "AFLW") %>%
  select(,, ,, 

Lastly - we can choose a different source. Note that the field names and even the names of the teams and/or venues will be different for difference sources.

fetch_fixture(2021, round_number = 1, source = "squiggle")

It should also be noted that the various sources of data have their own functions that can be called directly.

# The following are the same
fetch_fixture(2021, round_number = 5, source = "squiggle")
fetch_fixture_squiggle(2021, round_number = 5)

Womens Data

With these new functions we now have access to consistent AFLW data for the first time!

At a high level, any fetch_ function will allow you to specify the that comp = "AFLW and will return data. Please note that Womens data only exists when source = "AFL", which is the default for all fetch_ functions.

Read the full AFL Womens Vingette for specific examples.

Non-AFL data

An experimental feature as of version 1.2.0 is returning non-AFL related data. This only works for the source AFL but there are other comps that are available. These comps do not have as much data as the AFLM and AFLW comps but some functions will work.

fetch_fixture(2022, source = "AFL", comp = "VFL")
fetch_player_stats(2022, round = 1, source = "AFL", comp = "VFLW")
fetch_fixture(2022, source = "AFL", comp = "WAFL")

Available comps include * “VFL” * “VFLW” * “WAFL” * “U18B” * “U18G”