ciw – CRAN Incoming Watcher

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The incoming/ directories at CRAN can be perused from a webbrowser, have long had a dedicated watcher dashboard page, and are accessible via the foghorn package.

Yet I was looking for something both quicker, and simpler, and easier to manipulate. After taking a quick look at this, I quickly had a working sketch of what is now the incoming() function here. Adding a command-line wrapper for littler was equally quick, and provides what is shown in the gif above.


The package is on CRAN and can be installed via a simple install.packages("ciw"). Alternatively you can install it from here or from r-universe.

To also run ciw.r you need to either install littler or just fetch the script (and maybe tweak it for Rscript use of docopt).


Dirk Eddelbuettel


GPL (>= 2)