Profiling of Peripheral Blood Monocytes using CyTOF

CyTOF enables the profiling of up to 100 parameters at the single cell level. Bodenmiller et al published the profiling of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs) using 9 phenotypic and 14 functional markers. PBMCS are stimulated with 12 treatments and treated with 8 doses of various inhibitors, then profiled using CyTOF. PBMCs are manually gated using the phenotypic markers, identifying 14 populations for which the activity of different signaling networks can be assessed using the functional markers. More details are available in Bodenmiller et al Nat Biotech 2012.

To assess the efficiency of high-dimensional data analysis and visualization algorithms, the samples corresponding to untreated PBMCs, either unstimulated or after stimulation with BCR/FcR-XL, PMA/Ionomycin or vanadate are made available as 2 datasets:

For each dataset there are 3 additional matrix:

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