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The goal of biometryassist is to provide functions to aid in the Design and Analysis of Agronomic-style experiments through easy access to documentation and helper functions, especially while teaching these concepts.

This package is a renamed version of BiometryTraining which is no longer maintained, but can still be found at


As of version 1.0.0 the biometryassist package is now on CRAN 🙌. That means that installation is as easy as running:


Development version

⚠️Warning: The development version is unstable and liable to change more often than the CRAN version. It may have bugs fixed, but there may be other currently unknown bugs introduced. ⚠️

Use the following code to install the latest development version of this package.

if(!require("remotes")) install.packages("remotes") 

Using the package

Load the package and start using it with:


If you find this package useful, please cite it! Type citation("biometryassist") on the R console to find out how.

Troubleshooting Installation