{bambooHR} is an R wrapper for the bambooHR API. By supplying a company domain and an API access token, users can seamlessly make API requests through built-in R functions. Get employees, employee files, reports and tables, all from within R.

Installing and Loading {bambooHR}

To install the latest release from CRAN, run:


Alternatively to install latest version on GitHub, run:


Finally, load the package:



In order to obtain an API key, you will need to login to bambooHR via an account with administrative privileges. Hit the user icon in the top-right and select ‘API Keys’. Next, enter a name for the API key in the API Key Name field and click Generate Key. Copy the key to clipboard.

Now run the config_setup() function, supplying your API key and the company domain, plus an optional filepath for where to store the config file.

config_setup(apikey = "API_KEY_12345", 
             companyname = "Ascent", 
             conffile = "./bbhr_config.json")

The package functions will now pull in your configuration information automatically.