R-CMD-check CRAN

PaRe (Package Reviewer) is the successor of the DependencyReviewer package. PaRe reviews other packages during code review and has the following features:

  1. What dependencies are used, and what functions are used of that dependency.
  2. The quality of the code style using lintr.
  3. Code complexity, using the cyclomatic complexity scores.
  4. How internally defined functions interact with one another, and visualizing this in a diagram.
  5. Fetching locations of defined functions in R-files.
  6. Checking dependencies against user a defined white list.
  7. Count lines of code for different languages by default: R, C++, SQL, and Java.
  8. Make a standardized HTML-report exploring the before mentioned features.


You can install the development version of PaRe like so:


Latest changes:

  1. Using R6 objects
  2. Generalized function input to use R6 objects
  3. Minor efficiency changes
  4. Major vignette updates