PaRe 0.1.13

  1. Fixed issue where pak 0.7.1 broke getDefaultPermittedPackages() and getGraphData() and updated internal code.
  2. Tests should run anywhere except when there is no internet connection.
  3. Regardless if dependencies are being fetched when using makeReport(), it should continue.

PaRe 0.1.12

  1. Changed magick::image_read() call to magick::image_read_svg() to address an error encountered with using libmagick 6.9.12-93.
  2. Changed the way base packages are fetched.
  3. Resolved addPareArticle issue with injecting path into Rmd.

PaRe 0.1.11

  1. Only create the ./vignettes/articles directory, if it does not exist already.
  2. skip one unit test for checkDependencies on CRAN.
  3. Fixed issue where rds-files would be picked up in ./R/ folder.

PaRe 0.1.10

  1. Fixed issue with pattern matching of files in .gitignore.
  2. Fixed issue with retrieving the correct amount of arguments from a function.
  3. Changed colour highlights for report.
  4. Added addPareArticle function to add a PaRe report as an article.
  5. Added setup for unittesting.
  6. Added unittest for:
  7. Fixed issue detecting functions called by plyr::dlply

PaRe 0.1.9

  1. Added CRAN badge to README
  2. Turned off evaluation of code block that keeps crashing on:
  3. The message: “Could not connect to the internet, online hosted whitelists will be ignored.” has been replaced with the actual warning or error it throws as a message.
  4. Fetching file paths now accounts for .gitignore

PaRe 0.1.8

  1. Set pak to version >= 0.2.0.
  2. Removed version requirement for utils.
  3. Attempt at solving issue with pak (0.1.6: 4).

PaRe 0.1.7

  1. Fixed issue when creating a File object for .cpp, .o, .h, .java and .sql files.
  2. Imported dependencies have a set package requirement.
  3. getDefaultPermittedPackages example now has tag .
  4. Solved issue where dependency pak did not include glue.

PaRe 0.1.6

  1. Started tracking changes in
  2. Added significant changes to documentation.
  3. Optimizations using R6 representations.
  4. Added functionality to subset package diagram
  5. Added git blame functionality

PaRe 0.1.5

  1. Added R6 code representations.

PaRe 0.1.0

  1. Initial transfer from DependencyReviewer to Package Reviewer.