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yum: ‘YAML’ Utilities & More

The goal of yum is to provide a number of functions to work with files that contain one or more ‘YAML’ fragments. Several packages (the rock, psyverse, and justifier packages) leverage the ‘YAML’ format to facilitate systematic encoding of information in a format that is both machine- and human-readable. The yum package provides a number of functions to facilitate this in a uniform manner with minimal dependencies (i.e. only yaml, suggesting data.tree to enable additional functionality).

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You can install the released version of yum from CRAN with:


You can install the development version of yum from GitLab with:


(assuming you have remotes installed; otherwise, install that first using the install.packages function)


yum was created to have minimal dependencies. It requires yaml to be able to actually load (parse) the extracted YAML fragments, and you will often want to have data.tree available to organise the results in a tree if they have a hierarchical structure. Therefore, yum does have some dependencies through those two suggested packages. Of these, yaml only has one dependency, but data.tree has quite a few more.