Changing Default Parameters


walkboutr comes with several preset parameters. The parameters that we are using are:

If you want to set any of these parameters yourself, you can simply pass them into the functions. If you pass nothing, the above default parameter values will be used.

For example, if we generate some sample data, we can then pass in a different parameter value.

gps_data <- generate_walking_in_seattle_gps_data()
accelerometry_counts <- make_full_day_bout_without_metadata()

Now that we have sample data, we can look at how walkboutr generates bouts:

walk_bouts <- identify_walk_bouts_in_gps_and_accelerometry_data(gps_data, accelerometry_counts, epoch_length = 15)
summary_walk_bouts <- summarize_walk_bouts(walk_bouts)

This will change the way we treat epochs to regard them as 15 second intervals rather than 30 second intervals. The same can be done with any parameters listed above.