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stdmod: Standardized Moderation

(Version 0.2.10, updated on 2024-02-22, release history)

(Important changes since Bootstrap confidence intervals and variance-covariance matrix of estimates are the defaults of confint() and vcov() for the output of std_selected_boot().)

This package includes functions for computing a standardized moderation effect and forming its confidence interval by nonparametric bootstrapping correctly. It was described briefly in the following publication (OSF project page). It supports moderated regression conducted by stats::lm() and path analysis with product term conducted by lavaan::lavaan().

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The main function, std_selected(), accepts an lm() output, standardizes variables by users, and update the results. If interaction terms are present, they will be formed after the standardization. If bootstrap confidence intervals are requested using std_selected_boot(), both standardization and regression will be repeated in each bootstrap sample, ensuring that the sampling variability of the standardizers (e.g., the standard deviations of the selected variables), are also taken into account.


If you have any suggestions and found any bugs, please feel feel to open a GitHub issue. Thanks.