shapviz 0.6.0

Change in defaults

shapviz 0.5.0

Major improvement: SHAP interaction values

User visible changes

Compatibility with “ggplot2”

Technical changes

shapviz 0.4.1

New functionality

shapviz 0.4.0

Removed dependencies

The following dependencies have been removed:

Changes in sv_importance()

Improvement with Plotly

shapviz 0.3.0

Less picky interface

Removed (according to depreciation cycle)

Minor changes

shapviz 0.2.2

Bug fix

Minor improvements

shapviz 0.2.1

Major improvements

Minor changes


shapviz 0.2.0

Major improvements

Major rework of sv_importance()

The calculations behind sv_importance() are unchanged, but defaults and some plot aspects have been reworked.

Minor changes

shapviz 0.1.0

This is the initial CRAN release.