Restriktor is a free, open source R package for linear equality and inequality constrained statistical estimation, inference and evaluation for linear models.

Install R

Restriktor is implemented as an R package. This means that before installing restriktor, you should have installed a recent version (>= 4.0.0) of R. You can download the latest version of R from the R-project website.

Install Graphical User Interface (GUI)

R is a command line driven program. This means that it does not have a graphical user interface (GUI). Luckily, there are many good GUI’s to make life easier, for example Rstudio, R Commander and RKWard.

Install restriktor

Once you have installed R, the next step is to install restriktor. This can be done by typing in R:

install.packages("restriktor", dependencies = TRUE)

To check if the installation was successful, you can load the restriktor package and try for example:


# construct constraint syntax based on the factor level names
constraints <- 'GroupActive < GroupPassive < GroupControl < GroupNo'

Fit the unrestricted linear model, where “Age” is the response variable and "Group" a factor with four treatment groups.

fit.ANOVA <- lm(Age ~ -1 + Group, data = ZelazoKolb1972)

# fit the restricted model
restr.ANOVA <- restriktor(fit.ANOVA, constraints = constraints)

# summary of the restricted parameter estimates

# informative hypothesis tests

# Generalized Order-Restricted Information Criterion (GORIC)
goric(restr.ANOVA, comparison = "complement")

If you can see the output, everything is set up and ready.

For more information see the restriktor website.