This is a developer version of the rNeighborGWAS package. Please see vignette(“rNeighborGWAS”) for usage.
CRAN version is available at https://cran.r-project.org/package=rNeighborGWAS.


Please install the package via GitHub using the devtools library as devtools::install_github(“yassato/rNeighborGWAS”).


Note that the rNeighborGWAS requires the following R packages.
- gaston - parallel

Release Notes

version 1.2.2 (developer version): partial PVEs provided by calc_PVEnei(); nei_lm() added.
version 1.2.1: testthat files fixed.
version 1.2.0: nei_lmm() and gaston2neiGWAS() added; nei_coval() and neiGWAS() refactored.
version 1.0.0: Initial version registered in CRAN.