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ICD-9 and ICD-10 definitions from the United States Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are included in this package. A function is provided to extract the WHO ICD-10 definitions from the public interface, but the data themselves may not currently be redistributed. The function ‘fetch_icd10who2016()’ should be run once after installing this package. There are diagnostic and procedure codes, and lists of the chapter and sub-chapter headings and the ranges of ICD codes they encompass. There are also two sets of sample patient data with ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes representing real patients and spanning common structures of patient data. These data are used by the ‘icd’ package for finding comorbidities and working with ICD codes.

See documentation for the R CRAN package: icd for how to use this data. See also the R CRAN package: icd.data.


nhds2010$hypertension <- icd::comorbid_ahrq(nhds2010)[, "HTN"]
nhds2010$charlson <- icd::charlson(nhds2010)
hist(nhds2010[nhds2010$age_unit == "years", "age"],
     main = "Histogram of age when specified in years", 
     xlab = "Age in years"

boxplot(age ~ hypertension, 
        data = nhds2010,
        outline = FALSE,
        ylab = "Age")

boxplot(charlson ~ adm_type, 
        data = nhds2010,
        las = 2, 
        varwidth = TRUE, 
        outline = FALSE,
        ylab = "Charlson Score"