ggridges 0.5.6

ggridges 0.5.5

ggridges 0.5.4

ggridges 0.5.3

ggridges 0.5.2

ggridges 0.5.1

ggridges 0.5.0

ggridges 0.4.1

ggridges 0.4.0

ggjoy 0.3.1

ggjoy 0.3.0

ggjoy 0.2.0

Numerous improvements: - New stat binline that can be used to draw histogram joyplots. - Various improvements in stat_joy. In particular, it now works properly with multiple panels. It also now has parameters from and to to limit the range of density estimation, just like density(). - Improvements in the vignettes - New geoms geom_ridgeline_gradient and geom_joy_gradient that can handle gradient fills.

ggjoy 0.1.0

First complete implementation ready for initial release