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History of ggplot 0.0.0

embed base to grid plot (2015, ChIPseeker)

I figured out a way to embed base plot (vennpie) to grid plot (upset) when developing upsetplot function in ChIPseeker package for visualizing overlap of ChIPseq data in 2015,

embed ggplot (2015, ggtree and ggimage)

I developed a subview function in ggtree package in 2015, for embeding subplots,

This function was re-implemented as geom_subview and packed in the ggimage package.

embed plots (base, lattic, ggplot or image) to ggplot (2017, ggimage and hexSticker)

In the early of 2017, I started to develop R script to produce ggtree sticker. @lgatto first came out with an idea of makeing an R package for producing hex sticker by packing my script into a function, I have several ideas to improve the package, including producing print-ready figure, employing modular design and supporting grammar of graphics, as well as supporting subplot generated by base and lattice. I started to develop the hexSticker package,, with base plot, lattice, ggplot2 and image file supported as subplot, which was actually implemented in ggimage (toGrob function, image file are supported by geom_image).

convert base to grob (2018, base2grob)

I wrote a blog post,, to ask questions based on the meme package to help users understand ggplot2.

After I wrote the sentence:

if you know how ggsave works, you can even extend it to support base plot

I started to extend ggsave to support base plot by using formula or expression, e.g. ggsave(~base_plot).

After that, I asked myself, why not extending cowplot to support base plot with the fact that I already have source code to convert base plot to grob object (ggimage:::toGrob). Then I developed the base2grob package and submit it to CRAN.

convert (almost all) plots to ggplot (2018, ggplotify)

I wrote a blog post,, to introduce ggvenn function (in yyplot package, only available on GitHub), and started to play with the UpSetR package. I believe upset plot contains too much empty space and can embed a venn plot as I did in 2015 with vennpie. I created a PR,, to make it possible to capture upset output and be able to be converted to grob object. I thought it would be more easy if I further convert the object to ggplot then I can directly use ggimage::geom_subview() to embed ggvenn inside upset plot. With this idea, I started to implement as.ggplot function.

Then, I suddenly realized that I should packed as.ggplot, ggimage:::toGrob and base2grob into a single package. That’s why we have ggplotify, which contains as.grob to convert plots to grob and as.ggplot to convert plots to ggplot objects.