Outdoor Time Series I-V Curve Data from SDLE SunFarm

Menghong Wang, Jiqi Liu, Jennifer L. Braid, Roger H. French


Data Description

This dataset comes from SDLE SunFarm, which provides extensive outdoor exposure capabilities, including mini-modules and full size modules mounted on both dual axis trackers fixed racks. Modules are individually controlled and operated by Daystar multi-tracer system at their peak power during daylight hours. Data acquired include time-series I-V curve data taken every 10 minutes, and time series power, voltage, current and weather data collected every minute.

Load data and run code to extract IV features

##      step   Isc    Rsh   Voc    Rs   Pmp   Imp   Vmp    FF Cutoff
## y419    1 0.267 69.845 0.554 0.135 0.112 0.241 0.464 75.72     NA

Example output

The result is for finding steps for example data “IV_daystar”, no changepoint identifying step is found.