#WikipediR: A MediaWiki API client library Many websites run on versions of MediaWiki, most prominently Wikipedia and its sister sites. WikipediR is an API client library that allows you to conveniently make requests for content and associated metadata against MediaWiki instances.

Retrieving content

“content” can mean a lot of different things - but mostly, we mean the text of an article, either its current version or any previous versions. Current versions can be retrieved using page_content, which provides both HTML and wikitext as possible output formats. Older, individual revisions can be retrieved with revision_content. These functions also return a range of possible metadata about the revisions or articles in question.

Diffs between revisions can be generated using revision_diff, while individual ''elements'' of a page's content - particularly links - can be extracted using page_links, page_backlinks, and page_external_links. And if the interest is in changes to content, rather than content itself, recent_changes can be used to grab a slice of a project's Special:RecentChanges feed.

Retrieving metadata

Page-related information can be accessed using page_info, while categories that a page possesses can be retrieved with categories_in_page - the inverse of this operation (what pages are in a particular category?) uses pages_in_category.

User-related info can be accessed with user_information, while user_contributions allows access to recent contributions by a particular user: this can be conveniently linked up with revision_content, mentioned above, to retrieve the content of the last N edits by a particular editor, or metadata about those edits.