Metagenome taxonomy assignment comparison toolkit. The toolkit is being developed for EDGE platform and reflects its backend specificity. The routines, however, can be used as a stand-alone library for multi-project comparative visualization of taxonomy assignments obtained for metagenomic samples processed with GOTTCHA/GOTTCHA2, BWA, KRAKEN, METAPHLAN, DIAMOND, or PANGIA. The heatmaps can be also visualized with this D3.js-based code which allows to see the exact abundance values in each cell.

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0.0 Installation from CRAN


to use the library, simply load it into R environment:


0.1 Installation from latest sources

install_github(repo = 'seninp-bioinfo/MetaComp')

1.0 Reading a single taxonomic assignment files

the_gottcha2_assignment <- load_edge_assignment(data_file_g2, type = 'gottcha2')
the_kraken_assignment <- load_edge_assignment(data_file_k, type = 'kraken')
the_pangia_assignment <- load_edge_assignment(data_file_p, type = 'pangia')

1.1 Reading multiple taxonomic assignment files

The package functions load_xxx_assignments (where xxx stands for gottcha, kraken, or metaphlan) are designed to read a tool-specific assignment files. The configuration file for these functions must be tab-delimeted two columns file where the first column is the project id (used as the project’s name in plotting), and the second column is an actual assignment file path:

the_assignments_list_g2 <- load_edge_assignments(config_file_g2, type = 'gottcha2')
the_assignments_list_k <- load_edge_assignments(config_file_k, type = 'kraken')
the_assignments_list_p <- load_edge_assignments(config_file_pangia, type = 'pangia')

2.0 Merging multiple taxonomic assignments into a single table

The merge_edge_assignments function is capable to merge a named list of GOTTCHA, Kraken, or MetaPhlAn assignments into a single table using LEVEL and TAXA columns as ids.

3.0 Plotting a single assignment as a heatmap

The function plot_edge_assignment accepts a single assignment table and outputs a ggplot object or produces a PDF plot using ggplot2’s geom_tile.

Single column plot

3.1 Plotting multiple assignments as a single heatmap

The function plot_merged_assignment accepts a single merged assignment table as an input and outputs a ggplot object or produces a PDF plot using ggplot2’s geom_tile.

Multiple columns plot

4.0. Running merge in a batch mode

The following script can be used to run the merge procedure in a batch mode:

# load library
# configure runtime
options(echo = TRUE)
args <- commandArgs(trailingOnly = TRUE)
# print provided args
print(paste("provided args: ", args))
# acquire values
srcFile <- args[1]
destFile <- args[2]
taxonomyLevelArg <- args[3]
plotTitleArg <- args[4]
plotFileArg <- args[5]
# extended functionality was added in the release #3, and we don't want to break the legacy systems
if (length(args) > 5) {
    rowLimitArg <- args[6]
    sortingOrderArg <- args[7]
} else {
    rowLimitArg <- 60
    sortingOrderArg <- "abundance"
# read the data and produce the merged table
merged <- merge_edge_assignments(load_edge_assignments(srcFile, type = "gottcha2"))
# write the merge table as a TAB-delimeted file
write.table(merged, file = destFile, col.names = T, row.names = F, quote = T, sep = "\t")
# produce a PDF of the merged assignment
plot_merged_assignment(assignment = merged, taxonomy_level = taxonomyLevelArg,
                   sorting_order = sortingOrderArg, row_limit = base::strtoi(rowLimitArg),
                   plot_title = plotTitleArg, filename = plotFileArg)

To execute the scrip, use Rscript as shown below:

$> Rscript merge_and_plot_gottcha_assignments.R assignments_table_gottcha.txt merged_assignments.txt \
                                    family "Merge test plot" merge_test 20 alphabetical

this command line arguments are (some of these are clickable – so you can see examples): * Rscript - a way to execute the R script * merge_and_plot_gottcha_assignments.R- the above script filename * assignments_table_gottcha.txt - the tab delimeted table of assignments (two columns: project_id TAB assignment_path) * merged_assignments_gottcha.txt - the tab-delimeted output file name * family - a LEVEL at which the plot should be produced * "Merge test plot"- the output plot’s title * merge_test - the output plot filename mask, ".pdf" and ".svg" files will be produced… * 20 the max number of rows to plot (in the specified sorting order) * alphabetical the merged plot sorting order